Four concrete challenges

The solutions, which the students accelerate at Folkemødet, are based on four concrete and current sustainability challenges brought by the Danish companies, Peter Larsen Kaffe and Fisher Lighting, from the project From philanthropy to business, and Foreningen Folkemødet (2 challenges that are specifically rooted in sustainability challenges at Folkemødet). Each challenge is addressed by a group of business-students from CBS and a group of engineering students from DTU who will be working on the same challenge already ahead of Folkemødet in connection with specific courses in their spring semester – in total 8 groups of 3 students each. In addition 2 groups of students will work on two of the challenges as part of ARKENs Art & Tech Lab, working with an art driven innovation approach to the challenges.

Development of sustainable solutions

At Folkemødet 2019, the students are brought together across fields of study to work intensively with the solutions in a sprint format facilitated by DTU Skylab, where the students will accelerate the development of sustainable solutions by:

  • Participating in tailored sessions and pop-up events
  • Participating actively in sessions the students find relevant to their solution; enter into co-creation with visitors; considering the festival as a “living lab”.
  • Deep-dive in idea development and prototype development in your own work environment

Follow-up and realization

Global Fokus, DI and DTU Skylab, in partnership with others, want to support a further process for the ideas that come out of the initiative – from supporting a student group who want to realize their idea as entrepreneurs to a continued collaboration with the company or organization that originally presented the challenge.

The ambition is to launch an initiative that lives both before, during and after Folkemødet. The initiative is piloted to Folkemødet 2019, and then scaled to Folkemødet in the coming years, focusing on:

  • Young students are actively engaged in Folkemødet – preferably across education (and national borders)
  • Students are motivated through a sprint format to actively engage in sessions and involve visitors in co-creating sustainable solutions
  • The initiative can build bridges and create interfaces across events and sectors at the Festival
  • Folkemødet can support an acceleration of sustainable solutions and entrepreneurs on and for Folkemødet
  • International engagement at Folkemødet (international students and preferably global cases / partners)

Press kit & News

In the news

  • DI Business – Article (03 May 2019)
  • DTU News – Article (18 March 2019)
  • Foreningen Folkemødet News – Article (15 March 2019)

Help us share and communicate about the initiative

Text in Danish:

I projektet ”Students hack Folkemødet” udvikler studerende løsninger, som præsenteres og videreudvikles på Folkemødet. Her vil de besøgende kunne se alt fra tekniske prototyper til nye forretningsmodeller og inddragende kunstværker.

Foreningen Folkemødet, Global Fokus, Dansk Industri og DTU Skylab ønsker, i partnerskab med andre, at projekt ”Students hack Folkemødet” lever både før, under og efter Folkemødet. Initiativet præsenteres på Folkemødet 2019, og derefter er ønsket, at det udvikles over de kommende år.

I alt 27 studerende fordelt på 10 grupper er med i projektet, der afsluttes før Folkemødet og testes under festivalen. På Folkemødet bringes de studerende således sammen for at arbejde intensivt med løsningerne i et forløb faciliteret af DTU Skylab.