Check out the different solutions to four sustainability challenges , which groups of engeneering, business and art students from DTU, CBS and ARKEN have created. 

Follow the students live on the Live Blog while they are on the festival 13th – 16th of june.

Illustration of mobile, bulb, coffe, and trash

Circle Solutions – Kaffetræet

A gamified marketing solution for Peter Larsen Kaffe at events The problem People are not aware about the social and environmental benefits of sustainable coffee. Our design goal is to create awareness about sustainable coffee and SDG 12 by activating, informing and engaging consumers age 20-30 in an event setting. The Solution The solution Kaffetræet …

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CBS x Peter Larsen Kaffe

Problem The coffee industry is threatened by climate change and consumers often lack information about coffee sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are necessary to raise awareness on this issue, in particular SDG 12.8:  ‘By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature’. …

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Problem One of the main challenges of this millennium is climate change, why sustainable initiatives are a necessity in an increasing global population. One of the challenges in developed countries is the consumer culture as most products are consumed and then discarded in a cradle-to-grave life cycle instead of entering in a loop as with …

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CBS x Fischer Lighting

Climate change and sustainability are receiving increased attention among people across the world. Some of the effects of climate change are raising questions on what businesses can do to mitigate the negative effects. In the past months, we have collaborated with the Danish company, Fischer Lighting, to give our perspectives on new ways that Fischer …

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Another View

Waste reduction at Folkemødet Problem – what challenge are you are addressing? The “use and throw away” material are responsible for a big amount of the produced waste at Folkemødet and within this, one of the biggest problem is caused by flyers. Flyers are a complex artifact that is used differently by stall owners and guests. …

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GreenDream Consulting

Sustainability is an integral theme for the content of the debates and presentations at Folkemødet. However, Folkemødet is lacking sustainable approaches in context of the organizational execution of the festival itself. Problem – what challenge are you are addressing? Reducing the amount of waste at Folkemødet, specifically disposable tableware and similar “use and throw-away” materials. Target …

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The Data Hat

The problem Collecting data on waste streams at festivals are performed manually by over-educated hands. This is both time consuming, overly expensive and logistically difficult. The problem addresses Sustainable Development Goal #12 The Data Hat Our solution provides festival organizers and researchers with the necessary data on waste streams. It captures an image every time …

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Bright Green Island

The transition of Bornholm towards circular economy The municipality in Bornholm wants to transition towards zero waste and a circular economy. Furthermore, BOFA, the waste management company in Bornholm will shut down the incineration plant by 2032. Therefore, Bornholm needs to transition into a zero waste, circular economy. The main challange However, it was found …

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Co-creation bewteen artist Kristoffer Ørum and students from Media, Cognition & Communication, University of Copenhagen. Kristoffer Ørum is an interdisciplinary artist. He explores the many complex narratives of the everyday challenging existing systems of knowledge and technology. Together with a group of students from Film, Media & Communication, University of Copenhagen he made a WIFI …